Mystery solved…sort of

Today I discovered that my “Confused” post had disappeared too! In the process of trying to figure out what happened to it, I found “Confused” and “Thursday”. Occasionally, I have spam “comments” attached to the bottom of my posts. When this happens, my comments are usually turned off until I find the spam, delete it, and turn comments back on. This time, however, my time stamp was apparently changed to January, which meant the posts were moved out of order. I wasn’t looking for them to be mixed in with previous posts — I thought they would be right where I left them — so I thought they were completely gone. Now if I could just figure out how to keep those spammers from attaching their junk to my posts….

I prayed about the state income tax situation last week and asked God to redeem the situation. I thought He had done that when we found out earlier this week that we will be receiving a small refund from our 2008 income taxes. Evidently that wasn’t enough for Him, though! When DH got his paycheck this week, we found out that the state taxes that were incorrectly removed the past two weeks were REFUNDED and added back into his check! We were astounded. I guess they hadn’t sent the money to the state yet, so we received it back! We didn’t expect to see that money until we filed our 2009 taxes next year! (We’re getting a little bit back from the state this year, actually. Evidently the company did something similar last year and we didn’t catch it because it only happened once.)

Everyone is doing well right now. Roo didn’t nap today, so I’ve got to get busy and get her in bed. She doesn’t do well when she’s overtired, and I want to get her in bed before she reaches meltdown!

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