The Nativity Story App {Review}

The Nativity Story App {Review} -

*I received a free digital download of The Nativity App from FlyBy Promotions in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I received no further compensation for this review and only recommend products my family enjoys and finds beneficial. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!

The Nativity Story App

The Nativity Story App reminds me of a vintage, high-quality pop-up children’s book. The book “cover” appears as an antique, embossed, and gilded volume. The text rhymes, and the artwork is beautiful. Every page has things to explore—so much that my children missed a few things that I pointed out to them. There are speech bubbles to press so that you can hear conversations, figures to interact with, flaps to “lift,” and more. The musical finale is especially impressive and takes a bit of exploration to figure out.

The Nativity Story App follows the Christmas story from the news of Christ’s impending birth through Mary and Joseph finding a place to stay in Bethlehem to an impressive ending that is fun and unexpected in a pop-up book.

I love The Nativity App because it’s beautiful and stays true to the Biblical account of the birth of Christ. It’s also simple enough for small children to understand, and the interactive “pages” are inviting and fun.

The app is recommended for children ages two to ten. My daughters are eight and ten years old. They enjoyed the app but felt that the age might be narrowed a bit to two to six years old. The pages were filled with more to do than they anticipated, and they enjoyed the adventure.

This is a nice addition to a family Christmas library. If you’re interested in purchasing the app, please visit the links below.

The Nativity Story – Deluxe Edition is available for iPad on iTunes for $3.99.

The Nativity Story – Mini Edition is available for iPhone on iTunes for $1.99.

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