New Project: Your Knowledge Needed!

New Project: Your Knowledge Needed -

Based on some personal experiences and recent email, private messages, and conversations behind closed doors in real life and through social media, I am more aware than ever of the isolation and hurt that families with children with special needs experience. Many of these families feel completely alone and want any semblance of normal in their lives, but they don’t see a way to have that.

I know there are people who are willing to come alongside these families to support and encourage them—and offer much-needed respite! Many people are already doing these things, but I feel like there are others who want to who just aren’t sure what to do that would be considered helpful.

I am doing research for a new project that will strive to help people understand the way both sides feel and bring them together so that we can all help one another. To successfully represent all sides, I need your help.

Please take the following survey. All answers will remain confidential, although there is an option to have you leave information so I may contact you for more information and permission to use your story in this project. This survey is for everyone, whether you have a child with special needs or not.

Please take this post and Pin it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, and send emails or texts containing the link to everyone you know. I want to fairly represent both sides, but I need honest answers and opinions to do so. The more people who take the survey, the better.

Click here to take survey

Thanks so much for your help! I’ll be sharing more about this in the days ahead!

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  1. What has helped me the most in my journey is to have someone who listens to me intently and trusts my knowledge. A good friend like this knows that I have my childrens’ very best interest at heart and never doubts my love for them. They cry with me during the hard times and rejoice with me over progress, no matter how small. I am counting on all family members to be this way all the time, and it’s a super-blessing if I get just one friend to be on board like this too. Anything less makes a lonely world for a Mom who already has so much on her plate.

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