On Choosing Curriculum: Notebooking

My husband and I have talked about our plans for homeschooling next year for weeks. It wasn’t hard to settle on the basics. We’re going to sign on for a fourth year of Christian Light Education for BookGirl’s math, language arts, and reading. We’re also going to stick with the things we’re using with Princess—the things that work. (I’ll write more about those in another post, if anyone’s interested.)

What we weren’t sure about was what we were going to do for science and social studies. We are finishing up what has been an amazing year of doing Adventures in My Father’s World (MFW) with both kids for Bible, social studies, and science. We created notebooks of the girls’ work doing Adventures, and we’re all proud of the work we see there. We’ve been offered the opportunity to do MFW’s Exploring Countries and Cultures at minimal cost too, but I just wasn’t sure. BookGirl wants to study world geography and different cultures next year, so that seemed like the obvious choice.

Then I was given the opportunity to use Notebookingpages.com‘s Treasury Membership. With the wonderful resources Debra offers and the books we have on hand, as well as the internet and our public library, I have no doubt that we will put together a fabulous study of geography, countries, and cultures, as well as biology topics for science. Best of all, we can continue the notebooking we started this year but add our own flair! I’m excited and nervous. For years I have wanted to be more flexible in our homeschooling, leaving us the freedom to pursue topics that fascinate us while not spending as much time on others, but as long as there’s a prescribed curriculum in front of me, I feel bound to it. (My problem, I know.)

The girls are excited to do some exploring in science and social studies next year, and I’m excited to dig into research with them to learn more.

I’m even more excited because Debra is adding a special feature to Notebookingpages.com very soon—The Notebooking Publisher! This will allow us to customize pages for anything we want to study!

The Notebooking Publisher Launch will be on Tuesday, May 22, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. CDT on Facebook. I’m planning to attend and would love to see you there!

Disclosure: I received a free one-year Treasury membership to notebookingpages.com in exchange for helping to promote The Notebooking Publisher launch. I love what Debra is doing on her site and will be using it regularly next school year. This post contains affiliate links.
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