Our Faith-Filled Summer (OAC Summer Challenge Update)

Our progress on the Odyssey Adventure Club Summer Challenge!

As an Odyssey Adventure Club blogger, my family enjoys a complimentary membership to the Odyssey Adventure Club. (We have listened to and loved Odyssey for years, so this was a great opportunity for us.) 

Our Faith-Filled Summer (OAC Summer Challenge Update)

I signed up for the Odyssey Adventure Club Summer Challenge last month when I shared it with you. While I haven’t gotten many emails from them about the details of the challenge, I know the focus was on memorizing five verses, getting active in five activities together as a family, and sharing God’s love and your faith in five different ways. I’m going to update you on how we’re doing and want to hear about your progress in the comments.

Five memory verses:

My husband has traveled for work a lot this summer, which has really messed up our routine of spending time in the Word together after supper. We have memorized one verse together—the theme verse for Vacation Bible School (VBS). We are reading through the book of Daniel together and discussing that, but we really need to pick a few more verses and work on those together as a family.

Five “active” activities:

My husband and the girls tried to train to run a mile together. Because of some health issues I’m having this summer, I couldn’t participate. I walked instead. That didn’t work out very well because Princess has little short legs while my husband and BookGirl are pretty evenly matched. Then the heat and humidity hit, and that activity fell by the wayside. We are working on doing stretching exercises together, and it has been a good experience. We have also been swimming together, which is great exercise and a lot of fun!

Sharing God’s love and our faith in five different ways:

We have really been working on this one! We all served in our church VBS program in one way or another, and we have also been loving on some people who have come across our path who do not have the same advantages we do. We have done an act of kindness for an elderly woman and her caregiver every week this summer too. It has been a lot of fun and has shown us (once again) what a blessing it is to serve others!

Now that I look at our lists, I see that we need to step it up on the memory verses, but we’re on track to get five active activities and faith-sharing activities done by the end of the summer. I’m looking forward to finishing strong! (If you want to participate, it’s not too late to join!)

If you’re participating in the OAC Summer Challenge, how are you doing? If not, what activities is your family doing together this summer?


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