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Note: In lieu of my regular gratitude posts for the next several weeks, I am joining with The Pelsers for the 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential book club. This week we’re discussing Chapter 4.

In “Tool Number 3: Discovering Purpose,” Zan discusses helping our children reach their potential by discovering God’s purpose for their lives. This chapter gave me the information and tools I need to continue my quest to be more intentional in my parenting, so that I’m parenting with purpose.

I’ll admit that this is something I have struggled with, but Zan makes it seem doable. Basically, what I have to do to help my children find their God-given purpose and nurture and develop that is to study my children.

Just as my daughters are growing in their relationship with God, studying and memorizing His Word, and applying themselves to their lessons, I need to be studying them. The better I get to know them and recognize their God-given gifts, talents, and abilities, the better I’ll be able to pray for and guide them.

Zan expresses it well:

When we thoughtfully study our children and have a good grasp of who they are, we can find many ways to affirm, love, and encourage them.

– Zan Tyler, 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential

As I spend time with my children and pay attention to their likes and dislikes, interests, passions, and gifts, I can offer them opportunities that will help them to grow and develop their strengths. I can also teach them to “operate from their strengths” (Zan’s words), but only if I take time to recognize those strengths first.

One thing I had to learn early on with my girls is that they are not me. It sounds silly, but it’s true. My children do not have exactly the same interests and passions I do, and that’s great! It makes our family life richer and more interesting because we have activities of all sorts going on, including ones that I’m no good at. The wonderful thing about that is that my children can teach me!

In what ways do you “study” your children so you can help them reach their potential?

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  1. Opportunities abound to study our children through dialogue, in social situations, in service oriented capacities, etc… It requires our time and does not mean we hover over them like a helicopter. It’s a parent who knows the needs of her/his children best and how much independence they need in daily situations. Studying our children provides keen insight into their needs and helps us point them toward their Godly purpose! Yey.

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