Piled-Up Blessings

It has been a few weeks since I posted my gratitude list. The blessings keep piling up, even when I can’t get here to share them!

Here are some of the things I’m thankful for:

#1331. The all-clear from the ENT . . .

#1332. . . . and the blessing of taking the last antibiotic tablet after six weeks of antibiotics!

#1333. Finding this critter crossing the road (on the way home from the ENT appointment!) . . .

#1334. . . . the girls’ enthusiasm to come home and identify it . . .

#1335. . . . and study it . . .

#1336. . . . and their request to do some notebooking about it, even though we’re on summer break. (It’s an Arkansas Chocolate Tarantula, by the way.)


#1337. A celebration of BookGirl’s upcoming birthday. (More pictures and a birthday post coming on “the day”!)

#1338. The “open swim” opportunities with our homeschool group this summer.

#1339. The wonderful job the girls (and all the other kids) did in the performance of Jonah’s Druthers a couple of weekends ago.

#1340. Sharing meals with wonderful neighbors.

#1341. Unexpected gifts that give us relief at critical times.

#1342. God’s faithfulness to give me peace when I stay focused on Him.

#1343. The kids’ creativity with flowers, buckets of water, and sand.

#1344. Fun family movie nights, courtesy of Netflix.

#1345. An upcoming opportunity to help Princess Roo.

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Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes (some edited with Instagram)

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7 Responses to Piled-Up Blessings

  1. Harold says:

    Very good

  2. Rebecca says:

    Such cuties….ok and how in the world did you find that critter on the road?

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