Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel {Review}

Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel is exactly what I expect from a Jack Hawthorne book. I read Elisha’s Bones last year and became familiar with Dr. Hawthorne’s “style.”

Dr. Jack Hawthorne was a professor of archaeology who left the classroom to head back into the field after the events that transpired in Elisha’s Bones. (You really should read that one, if you haven’t already.) In Serpent of Moses, he finds himself further complicating his already-complicated relationship with Dr. Esperanza Habilla when he fails to contact her at the agreed-upon time.

“Espy” travels to London to break up with him in person but discovers that he hasn’t been in contact with the man he was supposed to meet there. She, her brother Romero, and another old friend, Jim Duckett (who also happens to be ex-CIA), soon discover that Jack has disappeared during an attempt to recover the Nehushtan—the “snake of brass upon a pole” described in the Bible. The artifact is priceless, so Jack isn’t the only person who wants it. The Israeli government gets in on the action too, and they will stop at nothing to get the Nehushtan back.

What follows is a story full of international travel, conspiracy, intrigue, suspense, humor, and even a little romance. If you’re interested in Christian fiction with an Indiana Jones feel, Serpent of Moses is the book for you!

What book are you reading?

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Serpent of Moses from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I received no other compensation for this review. This post many contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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6 Responses to Serpent of Moses by Don Hoesel {Review}

  1. Cristi says:

    I just checked BN and I can get the nook version Elisha’s Bones for free. I’ll put it towards the top of my reading list, and then hope I find time enough to get started (and then hooked). His books sound like just what I like when I’m reading for pleasure.

    • I love them too, Cristi! I got Elisha’s Bones free for Kindle a while back. I read it and then recognized his name when Serpent of Moses came up as a review option. It’s way more adventure and biblical archaeology than romance. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  2. Ooo, that sounds like JUST my cup of tea. I’ll have to check it out when the kids are back to school and I can read again. I do not know how you do the homeschool thing, Jennifer. The concept of being all-kids-all-the-time nearly drowns me by the end of 10 weeks! Anyway, back to the book…. :) I’m definitely looking forward to this one. The most recent Bourne book was so harsh and brutal, I’ve been looking for something of that genre but easier on the spirit!

    • I think you would enjoy it, Laurie! It’s not too intense, but just enough to keep you going. 😉

      The homeschool thing is a calling, Laurie. I have to rely on God every day and put Philippians 4:13 to the test!

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