Settling In

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

Photo Credit, David Niblack,

Settling In

We moved a few weeks ago. Since that time, a lot of people have asked if we’re settling in. That’s a complicated question. In one way, yes, we are settled. The few items we brought with us have a place, and we have developed a daily routine, to some degree.

But are we settled? No, not really. The place we’re living now is temporary, and it is about a 40-minute drive from our church and homeschool group activities, as well as many of our friends. Therapy and medical care are also forty minutes away, so we’re spending a lot of time traveling back and forth between where we live now and where we need to be.

Except for our clothing and a few personal items, everything we own and hold dear is in storage, scattered across three counties in two states. I tried to make a mental note of what went where, but I really don’t remember. (I do know where our homeschool curriculum is!) It’s hard for the kids to feel settled when they don’t have their belongings surrounding them.

Add to that the uncertainty of our future—a million little details of our day-to-day existence that have yet to be decided—and we feel far from settled.

And in another way, I feel more settled than I have in a long time. During this difficult season, I have turned to God and the Word with everything in me. Head knowledge has become heart knowledge, and I have a deep peace that I am learning to abide in. I am trying to lead my children by example as well as teaching them what I have learned, praying it will find its way deep into their hearts too.

Are we settled? Somewhat. Not really. Absolutely, yes!

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  1. Praying with you through this time of uncertainty. I know God has got this!

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