Spring, Easter, and Gardens

It has been a rough day. I have felt physically ill because I spent much of the day focused on circumstances instead of on the Changer of circumstances. I have finally shifted my focus. I’m more at peace, and I’m trusting in His goodness and love again. As I was preparing to write this post to share some pictures and fun things we’ve done, a verse came to mind:

Therefore my heart is glad 
and my spirit rejoices; 
my body also rests securely.

Psalm 16:9 (HCSB)

I looked up the entire chapter because I wanted to see why my heart can be glad and my spirit rejoice, why my body can rest secure. It’s a beautiful Psalm, and it brought even more peace to my heart. I highly recommend that you read the entire chapter.

I have so many things I’m thankful for today, and lots of wonderful pictures to share!

#1296. the beautiful weather on Saturday that made our family celebration of Easter an outdoor event.

#1297. all the fun we had with sidewalk chalk,






#1298. bubbles,

#1299. cheap plastic frisbees,

Used as a frisbee

Used as a bat with a plastic egg as a “ball”

#1300. and empty plastic eggs.

#1301. recent rains that have significantly eased the drought conditions.

#1302. enough “drying out” that we can plant the garden.

#1303. lots of time to work on vitamin D production.

#1304. Princess Roo’s love of critters,

#1305. and her ability to calmly remove herself temporarily from social situations when she gets tired and overwhelmed.

#1306. beautiful dresses to wear to church on Easter Sunday,

#1307. and the ability to enjoy yourself in them!

#1308. precious memories to cherish.

#1309. family and friends who make our lives richer.

#1310. the cross and empty tomb, which give meaning to it all.

What gifts of spring are you celebrating this week?

Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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10 Responses to Spring, Easter, and Gardens

  1. Jen G says:

    Beautiful post! I especially like #1305…great that she’s able to remove herself and handle things the best she can. =) So glad to have gotten to know you…and walking this road with you.

    • Thanks, Jen! #1305 works sometimes, and other times she doesn’t handle it as well. It’s a constant work in progress. I’m glad we’re getting to know each other and are sharing the journey too.

  2. OH, I know what you mean….about focusing on circumstances….you are not alone, there. It’s funny, I grabbed onto the same blessing Jen G did. We are working on that at home…helping my children see that if they are in a situation or even a thought process that could hinder their growth with God…they just need to remove themselves…quietly and politely.

  3. Julie cleeland says:

    Wht a nice way to wake up, by reading your post. Thank you for sharing. It reminds us that despite difficult and trying situations, look how rich we really and truly are:)

  4. gjoyellis says:

    That passage you shared really spoke to me. I was feeling very similar to you, last week of something that had come up. I realized when I got so upset that I hadn’t given it to God. I shifted my focus and all has been working out. God is so good. I love your blessings! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  5. Oh, the site looks beautiful and so do your Easter festivities. Will your blog come through on Google Reader any longer or do I need to sign up for email subscriptions?


    P.S. I want a button!

    • Jennifer Janes says:

      Thank you, Janis! It will come through on Google Reader if you re-subscribe by clicking the RSS button above the e-mail subscription area. I have redirected my feed to go through Feedburner, so you will need to add it to your reader again so that it has the right feed code.

      My button code is on the right sidebar. Just scroll down until you find it, and then copy the code and paste it wherever you want to put it! :)

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