Ten Reasons My Kids Like Being Homeschooled

I’m joining with iHomeschool Network and Many Little Blessings for another Top Ten Tuesday. I have looked forward to writing this week’s post because, while I know that my kids do enjoy being homeschooled, I haven’t ever asked them why!

With some rewording (for clarity) and explanations on my part, and in no particular order, here are the top ten reasons my children like being homeschooled:

  1. Playdates. My children like the fact that, while we don’t have recess with other children every day, we do have regular playdates (often weekly) with other homeschooling families and enjoy park days, open swim days (in the summer), and other opportunities to interact with other children and adults.
  2. Shorter hours. It just doesn’t take us longer than four or five hours a day to complete our school work. When I began homeschooling, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then I remembered my days as a classroom teacher and realized that it takes a lot longer to transition twenty people from one activity to the next than it does two!
  3. More time for self-study. This is especially important to BookGirl. My rising fourth grader loves finishing her “regular” lessons so she can have time to study the topics she’s interested in and work on projects related to those. (These are not an assigned part of her course of study. She pursues these on her own. Her spring semester self-study project revolved around the human body and ended with a family field trip where I took her to see the Bodies Revealed exhibit.) Recently, we found this special critter crossing the road in our neighborhood and took the time to stop, take pictures, and do some notebooking! (More pictures are in this post.) 
  4. Time to read for entertainment. Of course, the girls read to me to practice their skills during our lessons, but BookGirl is like me: she can’t get enough! She loves that she has lots of time to read on her own and that I spend almost an hour a day reading to both of the kids.
  5. Time together as a family. This one surprised me. While I love this about homeschooling, I didn’t realize how much the girls appreciate that we get to spend a lot of time together as a family!
  6. Reading the Bible together. We read and discuss at least one chapter of the Bible each day as a family. We plan to add more in-depth study together soon. (I hope a review opportunity is coming my way. I can’t wait to share!) Since last summer, we have read through the entire New Testament together, Genesis, Exodus, Proverbs, Ruth, and Esther (only three chapters left of that one). I think Daniel is next on our list!
  7. Field trips. We take a lot of field trips—and complete a lot of book work too. (That’s probably why we almost always end up with almost 190 days of school each year!) We take full advantage of the family passes and events at a local state park, the zoo near the Children’s Hospital where we make regular visits with Princess Roo, nearby hands-on science museums, and any other inexpensive or free opportunities that come to our attention!
  8. Flexible schedule. This is absolutely critical for our family. With Princess Roo’s specialist appointments and therapy sessions, we need the ability to be flexible. We often start our school year at the end of July or first of August so we can have plenty of days to accomplish our goals and still finish by the end of May for a two-month summer break.
  9. Study independently. Again, this is one of BookGirl’s reasons. She was born an independent spirit who loves to do things on her own. She uses a curriculum that allows her to complete her core subjects independently, asking me questions as necessary. I keep tabs on her learning by checking her work myself and helping her with the corrections.
  10. Curriculum suited for each child. I love the flexibility to choose curriculum especially suited for my children’s learning styles—and the added flexibility of being able to stop if I see it’s not working and choose something else. That has been especially helpful with Princess Roo, whose learning challenges have led to multiple curriculum changes before finding what works best for her.

Why do your kids like being homeschooled?

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Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes, edited with Instagram

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10 Responses to Ten Reasons My Kids Like Being Homeschooled

  1. Rebecca says:

    Jennifer, I love your list…and must say..I know your girls mean every word of it!

  2. Kerry Beck says:

    My kids are grown & graduated. They said similar things in remembering what they liked about homeschooling. Mine surprised me when they said they could choose what they study & family time & studying about God.

  3. Angela says:

    Great List! I love that one of the many benefits of homeschooling is that we get to tailor our curriculum to our children’s needs. It’s something I still have to work through and constantly re-assess but I know that no other “teacher” would take the time to make sure they are getting exactly what they need.

  4. Carmen Propps says:

    I think you are doing exactly the right thing for the girls. I know you are a wonderful mother and a wonderful teacher, and what the girls said just proves it. (You’re also a pretty good friend ;)). I really enjoyed reading this post. Love, Carmen

  5. Sade Tagbo says:

    We love homeschooling for all the same reasons too! We also love being able to invest in each child’s interests and talents. Great post.

    • Thanks, Sade! You are so right about being able to help each child develop according to his or her “bent.” It’s definitely one of the blessings of homeschooling!

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