The Adventure of Answered Prayers

The Adventure of Answered Prayer -

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The Adventure of Answered Prayers

I have shared a lot of answered prayers in the Be Fully Persuaded series, but rarely has the answer to prayer been such an adventure and required me to fall to my knees repeatedly in prayer after the prayer was answered. A recent answered prayer means that God is leading us on an adventure. We have no idea what He’s going to do, but I know it will be good!

A few years ago, as BookGirl was sitting at the kitchen table, chatting with me about nothing and everything, she said, “I think God might want me to be a missionary when I grow up.” My mama heart seized with fear. All I could think was the possibility that God might send her halfway across the world where I would rarely get to see her and she might be in danger. However, I smiled and said, “That would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? We’ll see what God does in your life between now and then, and He will let you know if that’s what He wants for you.”

BookGirl 1

Then I prayed that God would give me the strength to grow alongside my daughter and to be able to let her go to fulfill His purpose for her. And both of us went about our day and forgot that conversation ever happened.

Fast forward to last week:

BookGirl went to a CentriKid Camp with our church’s Kidz Ministry. I got word that she had gone forward on Tuesday night after the message. She hasn’t questioned her salvation since she made that decision at the age of 5, so I couldn’t imagine why she was up there. Her “camp mom” texted a reply to my question: “She said she asked how to be a better Christian.” I continued to pray for her and the rest of the children at camp, and I went to bed.

On Thursday, I had an out-of-town specialist appointment. It was Family Night at camp, and BookGirl would be performing, so DH went to camp to watch. I hated to miss it, but I arrived home and waited to hear news and see pictures and video posted on Facebook. Then I got a text from DH: “She went forward again after the service, and she’s been up there a while.”

I prayed again. I knew God was doing something in her life for her to have gone up to talk with someone twice during camp. I was right.

BookGirl came home from camp excited to share some news with us. She told us she had made an important decision: God was calling her to missions, and she had chosen to answer His call with a YES!


Immediately, I recalled that conversation in our kitchen. (BookGirl still doesn’t remember it.) I saw God’s hand at work—in His planting the seed in my heart so I could pray that He would prepare me in advance, in BookGirl’s attendance at camp, in being part of a church family that is mission-minded.

We are praying for BookGirl to know exactly what God wants her to do. We’re helping her grow in her faith, providing opportunities for her to be more involved in community service and short-term mission projects, and are showing her different types of missionary work. In the meantime, she knows what her first assignment is: to share Christ with everyone around her.

Please pray with us for BookGirl and our family as we answer God’s call to adventure!

How have you seen answered prayers become an adventure in your life?

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5 Responses to The Adventure of Answered Prayers

  1. Angie says:

    I must admit, I teared up reading this post. How wonderful to know that at such a young age she is so dedicated to the work of the Lord!

    I will be praying for BookGirl, and for you, as you embark on this journey.

    I imagine years from now her having her own blog & sharing photos and get excited! Praise God!

    If only more adults would listen to God and take the call He has chosen for them. (Preaching to myself here. 😉 )

  2. Joy says:

    I am so excited to see someone young make such a decision, knowing that it was God prompting her the whole time. You and your family have my continued prayers. I am looking forward to watching her grow and to see what all God has in store for her!

  3. Rebecca says:

    That is very exciting Jennifer! I can’t wait to travel this road with you and see how many lives your entire family touches for Christ!

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