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Note: In lieu of my regular gratitude posts for the next several weeks, I am going to join with The Pelsers for the 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential book club. This week we’re discussing the first chapter.

My younger daughter loves to play a game with me where she mimics my facial expressions. Her attempts are so amusing that I make more and more hilarious faces just so I can watch her try to copy them.

Then there are the not so funny imitations I see my children do. Maybe it doesn’t happen at your house, but often I find that my negative attitudes and the words and actions that flow from them are lived out again and again in my children. I don’t like to see that. It’s ugly, and it shows me just how much work I have to do in my own life.

I am working on those changes, those attitudes, and I am trying to reflect more and more of who Jesus is to my children. I was confirmed in this when I read these words at the end of chapter 1 of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler:

“If we imitate God’s behavior toward us, our children will have a much easier time believing in a God who loves them and has sacrificed Himself for them.”

When I take time to realize that my children are making impressions about who God is and what He’s like based on my behavior, it’s sobering. Honestly, I don’t want the kids to pick up on my failures and think that God is the same way. I’m reflecting His image and character to my children. It’s time to surrender my will to His and let Him refine my character.

What are your thoughts on the quote from chapter 1?

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6 Responses to The Art of Imitation – #7Tools

  1. Michelle says:

    What fun memories you are making with your daughters by playing this facial expressions game–those are the sweet memories to leave on their hearts! “Sobering” is the perfect word that you use–that really does describe those moments when I hear or see my children exhibiting a behavior or attitude they have seen me take. Sometimes it is tough as a parent to sit back and say, ‘Yikes, I know where that behavior came from…me!”

    You are leaving the sweet image and sound of your laughter on their hearts too!

    Isn’t it wonderful that God continues to work on us as mothers, wives, sisters, friends? He’s not done helping us grow and change to glorify Him!
    Thank you for sharing this week.

  2. Great quote. If we know Jesus, we can know God. I think of WWJD with this quote. He would obey His Father’s Will – loving Him completely (heart, mind, soul) and giving that love to his neighbor (our children for us moms).

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