The Struggling Reader – Phonics {Review}

The Struggling Reader - Phonics {Review} -

The Struggling Reader is a sponsor of this blog. As part of our agreement, I agreed to review their products. However, I am not required to write positive reviews. All opinions in this review are my own. I really love The Struggling Reader program and believe it will be helpful to you.

The Struggling Reader – Phonics Scoring Guide and Instructional Activities

Since the time I wrote The Struggling Reader – Phonemic Awareness review, we have continued to use The Struggling Reader products and have worked on phonics a lot. Like the phonemic awareness test, the phonics assessment was easy to give. All I needed was a score sheet (provided in the scoring guide) and the numbered cards. The test consists of the child identifying letters, their sounds, and reading words both real and nonsense. It is long, but the guide makes it clear that you don’t have to do all the testing in one day. You do, however, need to make good notes as you progress through the test so that you know exactly what your student is struggling with.

The Struggling Reader Phonics Assessment -


Scoring the assessment is easy. All you need to do is look for patterns of difficulty. Then you focus your efforts on the activities that will remediate those areas of struggle.

The Struggling Reader Phonics Scoring -

Remediation is made easy too, and it’s fun! The Struggling Reader Phonics: Instructional Activities book has phonics skills divided into sections, with multiple multisensory activities to use for each skill. If your child doesn’t like one activity, just choose another one until you find one that’s enjoyable. The other thing I love about the activities is that most of them can be played at a moment’s notice with items you already have around the house. The word lists for each activity are also provided in the back of the book!

My daughter struggles a lot with consonant blends, so we have spent a lot of time working on them. Her favorite activity from The Struggling Reader’s Phonics activities is “Shaving Cream.” She has Sensory Processing Disorder, so sensory activities like this one (which involves writing simple words with the troublesome consonant blends and digraphs in shaving cream on a cookie sheet) also meet her sensory needs and help me work in occupational therapy goals!

The Struggling Reader - Phonics Shaving Cream Activity -

My daughter’s phonics skills are improving, and I’m looking forward to doing the assessment again so that I can see the progress in black and white. I like the fact that I own the assessment and can do it as many times as I want to—and with my other child too. I also like the fact that The Struggling Reader’s products are more affordable than other options I have researched.

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