8 Tips to Survive a Busy Week

8 Tips to Survive a Busy Week - jenniferajanes.com

Despite my best scheduling efforts, last week was *that* week for us. Princess Roo had two appointments on Monday, and one of those led to an unexpected appointment on Tuesday. We had to travel out-of-town on Wednesday so I could see my rheumatologist, and then Princess Roo had two therapy appointments on Thursday. My husband was gone on a business trip most of the week too, and some plumbing issues became critical.

It was busy, it was hectic, and by the end of the week, the girls and I were so tired we wanted to cry. (I think my husband was too!) But we survived.

We all have weeks like that, but there are things we can do to make them easier to survive so that we can thrive when they happen!

8 Tips to Survive a Busy Week

  1. Sleep. I’m not kidding. It’s hard to rest when your week is on hyperdrive, but being well-rested will help you handle everything that comes so much better.
  2. Eat healthy. It’s common sense, but when I’m rushed and feeling frantic, my meal plans often go out the window. It’s important that your Plan B be healthy so that your body has the energy it needs to help you face what each day brings.
  3. Exercise. Yes, it seems impossible to squeeze one more thing into an already packed week,  but moderate exercise will actually give you more energy, help you feel better about yourself, relieve stress, and support your immune system. (Getting enough sleep and eating healthy will also help in many of these areas!)
  4. Give yourself grace. You can’t do everything you normally do when you’re living a week where your schedule has no breathing room. Go easy on yourself and postpone or completely cut out activities that don’t have to be done immediately, and allow yourself time to unwind and relax. Go ahead and substitute the easy-to-prepare supper for the one you were planning to fix that requires more of a time commitment. Wait on folding the laundry so you can read a good book before bed. Don’t worry about running non-critical errands until next week.
  5. Ask for help. It’s not weakness to admit you need some extra help. Can a friend run an errand for you? Are your kids old enough to help with laundry, dishes, and dinner preparation? Will your husband stop and pick up the prescriptions on his way home from work? Ask for help with the little things that someone else can do. It will ease your mind and cut the number of things on that day’s list.
  6. Laugh. Find reasons to laugh, even in the midst of the stress and the busyness of the week’s schedule. Watch a funny TV show, pay close attention to the things your children say, find joy in the antics of a puppy or kitten. There are lots of reasons to laugh all around us, but we have to be looking for them, or we’ll miss them—especially when we’re busy.
  7. Learn. If the week’s schedule is your fault, learn from your mistakes and see what you can change so that it doesn’t happen again. If it’s not your fault, remember that life happens sometimes, and commit to memory some common sense tips like these that will help you cope better next time.
  8. Enjoy. Most importantly, try to find something to enjoy in each day. This day will never come your way again. Find beauty wherever you can. Find reasons to be grateful. With regular practice, enjoying each day will become a habit and will help you weather future schedule snafus with more grace and ease.

Bonus: This is the most important one! No matter how busy you are, spend time in the Word and prayer each day. God is with you through the busy weeks and the not-so-busy weeks. He will see you through!

Whether you are married or single, have children or not, homeschool or send your child to public or private school, have a child with special needs or not, these tips will help you survive (and thrive!) during the super busy weeks. You know they’re coming. Why not be prepared?

What’s your best tip for surviving a busy week?

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3 Responses to 8 Tips to Survive a Busy Week

  1. Rebecca says:

    We all have those weeks – knowing what our family vision is and having it based upon God’s will for our family – is key to keeping it within a healthy balance. YOU are finding that balance~ love ya sweet friend.

  2. Jen says:

    I agree whole-heartedly! Eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep are always important, even more so when life is more than normal crazy. Easier said than done, but so important. Hope your next week is a bit more calm.

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