To the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom

To the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom -

*Note: I received free access to the bloom course as a member of the launch team. All statements about the course reflect my own experiences and opinions. This post contains affiliate links.

To the Overwhelmed Homeschool Mom

I’m overwhelmed too. Job changes, cash flow issues, health concerns, work schedules, volunteering at church for VBS and other summer projects, a child whose need for therapy sessions and weekly infusions doesn’t stop for summer break, another child who has promoted to the youth group and has all kinds of new activities to attend (and be picked up from later than we’re used to), laundry, dishes, birthday parties to plan and attend. . . .

Is it any wonder I’m overwhelmed? We’re on summer break right now. What would I do if I was adding our homeschool schedule in with all that? I can’t even imagine.

Your circumstances are different, but you’re overwhelmed too. We’ve got to work through this so we can take care of ourselves and better serve our families. So what do we do?

Here are some suggestions that are working for me:

  • Pray. I’m praying. A lot. I have come across some verses that apply to various situations I’m struggling with, and I’m keeping those close to read and meditate on throughout the day, and I pray them often too.
  • Read. I am spending time reading my Bible, but I’m also making time for reading something just for fun. My daughter and I have found a couple of Christian fiction books that we are both interested in that we are reading through together this summer.
  • Rest. I’m learning to listen to my body and to rest when I need to. No, I don’t get to take a nap whenever I want. (I wish, but my schedule and kids won’t allow it. 😉 ) I am, however, going to bed shortly after I tuck my kids in so that I can get some extra hours of sleep that I have deprived myself of for far too long.
  • Cut back. I’m taking a good look at what I expect of myself in a day, and I realize that I have a lot of unrealistic expectations. I’m slowly learning what I can actually accomplish in a day, and I’m moving the rest to another day—and completely eliminating those things that aren’t quite as important as I thought.
  • Get help. I have asked for help from my family and friends (help accomplishing tasks as well as prayer support or a listening ear), and I have also found help from Christian living books and the bloom online course. bloom has helped me to understand the rhythms of my household better, where my negative emotions come in, and how to change what’s not working. I can’t wait to see the difference it makes in our homeschool next year too! (In case you’re wondering, I highly recommend it, and registration ends Saturday, June 20, 2015, at midnight! This won’t come around again until 2016, so if you’re interested, check it out now.)

How do you cope with being overwhelmed?

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