Top Posts for February {so far}

Top Posts for February {so far} -

I spent Friday and Saturday at a marriage retreat with my husband, and I’ve been working on polishing up my presentations for the Exceptional Children Expo since then. I’ll be recording those presentations this week and turning my attention to a speaking engagement I have at a local child care conference next Saturday. The post I wanted to write for today is titled The Truth About Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to finish it yet. Be on the lookout, though. It’s coming soon!

I thought I would give you a peek at the top posts on the site so far this month. You may have already read them all. If so, would you please share this post (or share the individual posts you really love) so others can read them too? If you missed a few, enjoy!

  1. Ultimate Guide to Sensory Integration Activities
  2. What Parenting a Child with Special Needs Has Taught Me about Myself
  3. Planning Homeschool for the Struggling Learner
  4. Multisensory Homeschooling for Children with Special Needs: Day 1 – Reference Cards
  5. Homeschool Mother’s Journal: Amazing News!
  6. Be Fully Persuaded: Pursuing His Purpose
  7. How We Prepare Allergy-Friendly Foods on a Budget
  8. President Adams’ Alligator and Other White House Pets {Review}
  9. Dinosaurs for Kids by Ken Ham {Review}
  10. 10 Ways to Bless a Family with Children with Special Needs
  11. Homeschool Mother’s Journal: Valentine’s Parties Galore!
  12. Homeschool Mother’s Journal: Sunshine and Rain
  13. Hot Springs Sensory Conference – March 15, 2013
  14. Multisensory Homeschooling for Children with Special Needs: Day 2 – Educational Apps and Software
  15. Aslan’s Academy: Our Homeschool Room

Be sure to come back tomorrow! For the next four weeks, I’m sharing quotes from Corrie ten Boom in a series called “Wisdom from Corrie ten Boom.” I look forward to seeing you then!

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  1. Carmen says:

    What a great February so far for your blog! I love what I’m reading and look forward to more wonderful posts. Keep up the great work. Love, Carmen <3

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