A Typical Homeschool Day 2014-15

A Typical Homeschool Day 2014-15 - jenniferajanes.com

A Typical Homeschool Day 2014-15

As I looked at our “typical” days from the past couple of years (2012-13 and 2013-14), I realize how much things have changed—and how much they have stayed the same.

There’s still no “typical” day in our homeschool. Unless you want to count as “typical” the fact that no two days are the same!

Here’s a general timeline (all times are approximate):

6:00 am: BookGirl gets up. She spends an hour doing her personal Bible reading and devotional time, and then she reads whatever fiction book she’s involved in. She usually goes ahead and takes a quick shower too. Sometimes I get up at this time. Sometimes I’ve been up since 5:30 or so. Sometimes I’m still sleeping at this time. It’s all good. My husband gets up about this time to start getting ready for work.

7:00 am: BookGirl gets her reading, language arts, and math books out and starts her lessons for the day. She used to work at her desk in the school room, but now she does most of her work in her room, sitting on her bed or lying in the floor. Her cat, Midnight, hangs out in there with her, keeping her company. They’re quite a pair!

8:00 am: I’m definitely up and going by now. I pray with and for my hubby, and he goes to work. I like to do my Bible reading, devotionals, and prayer time first thing, so I make sure I have those done pretty quickly. BookGirl eats breakfast and wanders into and out of my room, asking any questions she has about her lessons. Sometimes she brings everything into my room, and she sits on the bed next to me and works while I read my devotionals. Princess Roo often gets up somewhere around this time. I make sure she takes her morning medications, and she usually hops in the shower to help her wake up.

9:00 am – 12:00 pm: Princess Roo has usually eaten something by 9 am, taken the rest of her morning medications, and is ready to begin her school work. Somewhere in here I eat and get ready for the day. I spend a lot of this window of time sitting on the couch or at the dining room table with Princess Roo, helping her with math, language arts, reading, and penmanship. (Now that I think of it, no one is working at the desks in the school room anymore. Maybe it’s time to think of passing them on?) BookGirl finishes her lessons, checks them (or has me check them if they’re quizzes and tests), and reads or knits while she waits for Princess Roo and me to finish up. If everyone finishes with the basics before lunch, we go ahead and start science, social studies, and whatever else we have planned.

12:00 – 1:00 pm: If my hubby comes home for lunch, we all eat together. If not, the girls and I eat together, and sometimes we listen to an episode of Adventures in American History while we eat.

1:00 pm: This year, a couple of times a week, the girls are working through a lesson from Here to Help Learning’s writing program. After lunch, we also finish up any activities or lessons we didn’t get finished with during the morning.

2:00 pm: By this time, we’re almost always finished with our lessons. This is the time when we leave the house to run errands, or we stay home to do laundry and prepare for supper. I try to do some writing at this time (but that’s been getting pushed back to late nights recently; have to work on that), and the girls enjoy reading, doing crafts, watching TV, playing games on the iPad, or playing together.

5:00 – 9:00 pm: This is family time. My husband arrives home from work, we eat supper together, we do our daily Bible reading together (we’re reading through the Bible as a family again this year, but this time chronologically), clean up the kitchen, do more laundry, play board games, watch TV, etc.

9:00 pm: This is the girls’ bedtime. Then my hubby and I finish doing whatever we need to get done to prepare for the next day, and we go to bed!

I love days that operate pretty much like that, but sometimes those days are rare. Some details are still being worked out, but our “regular” schedule for this school year also includes these activities (and some that are pending):

  • Dance lessons for both of the girls each week (not on the same night).
  • Wednesday night activities for the kids at church. (Hubby and I will help with this ministry.)
  • A weekly appointment for Princess Roo at a therapeutic riding facility.
  • OT for Princess Roo, possibly twice a week.
  • Counseling appointments twice a month for Princess Roo.
  • Specialist appointments (average of once a month, but I already know we have two in October).
  • Princess Roo’s weekly immunoglobulin infusion.
  •  Playdates (about once a week).
  • Homeschool science co-op class every three weeks.
  • Anything else I may have forgotten or that may come up.

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2 Responses to A Typical Homeschool Day 2014-15

  1. Dawn says:

    Wow, Your daughter knocks out lots of school work early in the morning, It looks like a great day. We have lots of doctor appointments too. I try to keep them to after lunch.
    Blessings, Dawn

    • She does, Dawn! She likes to get it done so she can move on to other things. 😉

      I try to keep our appointments until after lunch most of the time too, but sometimes that isn’t possible. I have to be flexible at some facilities because we homeschool and can be, well, flexible. LOL. I try to help therapy facilities out because they are swamped after school lets out!

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