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*I received a free copy of Unspoken from Bethany House for review purposes. I agreed to review the book because I love Dee Henderson’s books. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site!

Unspoken by Dee Henderson

I’ve been reading Dee Henderson novels for several years now, and I really enjoy her unique blend of suspense, action, adventure, romance, and faith-based fiction. Unspoken was no different.

In Unspoken, Bryce Bishop is a coin dealer who is restless and looking for something to make his life more interesting. He gets it when Charlotte Graham invites him into the newly renovated shop next door, where she offers to sell him coins from her grandfather’s estate rather than competing with his business.

Bryce enters into a business relationship with Charlotte and gradually learns more about her, which includes the fact that Charlotte was the victim of Chicago’s most famous kidnapping. She was missing for four years before law enforcement officials found her, killed her abductors, and released her—just three miles from her home, where she’d been the entire time. She changed her name, built a career for herself, and tried to put her past behind her. And she hasn’t said a word to anyone, including the police. Her silence is the only way she can keep her family safe.

A reporter has just begun writing a book about the kidnapping, and the police and her sister are cooperating. Charlotte needs to share her secrets, but she’s struggling with being able to trust.

Bryce and Charlotte both have to face things about themselves as they spend more time together and their relationship threatens to become something deeper.

I enjoyed the mystery and suspense and loved watching characters I’ve gotten to know through other Dee Henderson novels interact with Charlotte and Bryce. That makes reading Dee Henderson books like having a reunion of sorts!

After Unspoken and Full DisclosureI can’t wait to read Dee Henderson’s next book!

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  1. I’m loving this book. Learning a lot about coins too! :)

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