Roo seems to be adjusting to the medication change well. Today was her first day to take the new medication alone. (She has been taking the old and the new together for a few days — they treat the reflux in different ways, so it wasn’t overkill.) So far, so good.

The girls are still taking swimming lessons. Roo has gotten comfortable in the water with a life vest on, and she propels herself around the pool while keeping her arms out for balance. PD is going underwater to get diving toys and is almost swimming. We’ve got to keep working with her. She knows enough to have lost a lot of her fear of the water, but she doesn’t know enough to be truly safe in the water. It’s a dangerous place to be. I’m glad her teacher recognizes the problem and is committed to working with her until she is really swimming.

I am enjoying the new computer we got last week, but I still haven’t managed to get our printer installed on it and working properly. It’s frustrating, but that’s a project I’ve got to focus on the end of this week. I HAVE to have a printer. I am not getting some things accomplished that need to be done because I don’t have access to a printer right now.

Today was (hopefully) our last busy day of the week. I hope the rest of the week has a slower pace, but I don’t know. I keep thinking that, and every day is as busy (or busier) than the one before it.

We’re having some plumbing issues right now too. Please pray that we get those figured out and taken care of ASAP.

Roo is having trouble saying the “s” sound. Right now she’s “fleeping” because she’s tired from all the “fwimming” she did late this afternoon and early evening! Also, the last I heard, PD wants to be a mama and a tightrope walker. I don’t know what type of preparation you need to become a tightrope walker, but I’m pretty sure PD’s not getting it!

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4 Responses to Updates

  1. Amy says:

    Well, PD has been practicing her landing lately. Maybe that is part of her training.

  2. Cocoa Crusty says:

    I’ll try to come by sometime soon to help with your printer issues. I don’t make any promises and you get what you pay for! 😉

    I think being a mom and a tightrope walker can really have its advantages! Great combo!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Amy, I would hope that landing on her face would not be part of training for being a tightrope walker. I shudder to think!

    Cocoa, Thanks for offering to help. I’m not sure if I should start over by removing all the drivers, etc. I’ve installed and try again or what. I’d appreciate any advice you have. I haven’t given up. I’m just not sure what to do next. (I’ve even wondered if I’ll have to reinstall Windows to get that print spooler to work — is that even part of Windows?)

  4. Jennifer says:

    Cocoa, I understand that I get what I pay for, but it’s either try and try again or spend MORE money for a new printer, which I don’t want to do unless I have to!

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