We Choose Virtues Sale!

If you read any of my posts last week, you know that we recently started using We Choose Virtues products, and I am in love! (There’s a review—and a surprise—coming in a few weeks, so stick around!)

We’re focusing on the virtue diligent right now, and I can honestly say that staying focused on that and Philippians 4:13 has made a big difference in our attitudes as we started our new school year. “I can’t” is slowly becoming “I can,” and it’s because of our focus on diligence.

Want your own We Choose Virtues resources?

There’s a great back-to-school sale this month! Get 25% off Homeschool Kits and Family Kits with coupon code BTS25.

If you love the products but aren’t sure which ones would be best for your family or organization, here are the answers to commonly asked questions:

How do you decide which Kit is right for you?

  • Price: The Family Kit costs less.
  • Wall Space: The Family Kit has fewer posters.
  • Time: The Homeschool Kit has additional tools for greater accountability.
  • Both Kits contain the Parenting Cards (they only come with scriptures in the NIrV)

Is there anything I might want to add to the Kit?

  • Yes, the Personal Virtue Charts are nice to have. Buy your own favorite stickers.
  • The Official Butterfly Award . . . comes as a FREE download this month with any kit purchase!
  • Virtue Clues are always fun.

There are more great products coming from We Choose Virtues! Be sure to check out their site regularly!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


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