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When Things “Just Happen” – God at Work

By now, many of you know that we had a large limb fall on our roof last weekend, leaving a good-sized hole in our decking. While that is not a good situation, the more I thought about it this week, the more I realized that God was at work on our behalf in a BIG way.

So many things “just happened” last weekend:

  • Our next-door neighbor “just happened” to come out to see if his wife’s vehicle windows were rolled up. (Rain was imminent.)
  • He “just happened” to glance towards our house and see the limb on the roof, so he came over to check it out.
  • Our neighbor across the street, who knows a lot about maintenance and repair issues, “just happened” to be at home when we realized there was quite a large hole in the roof.
  • Both our next-door neighbor and the one from across the street “just happened” to be willing to help us patch the hole temporarily, preventing the rain (from the thunderstorms that rolled through all afternoon) from entering the house and causing damage.

I see God’s hand at work there. There are a lot of “coincidences” in that list. If any one of those things hadn’t happened, we might be facing lots of water damage inside the house and a much more expensive and longer repair/cleanup process.

I’m so grateful that the damage to the roof is the only damage we’re facing now. Of course, we’re expecting storms again today, but I’m praying the patch will hold and that we won’t have additional problems to show the adjuster when he comes on Monday afternoon.

How have you seen God’s hand at work in your circumstances recently?

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