Why I Don’t Color My Hair

I’m stressed. Seriously stressed. In an effort to lighten the mood, I decided to write a random well-thought-out post about something that popped into my head while I was drying my hair this morning. So, for the first time ever, I am joining oh Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday.

I got a haircut last week. My BFF of (mumble, mumble) years cuts my hair, and she would love to put some color on it. I, however, am not in love with that idea.  Here’s why:

1. It doesn’t look bad! Yes, there’s more gray than I want to admit, but it looks fine to me.

2. It takes time to maintain color. You have to keep going back to get your roots done. Do I have time for that in this season of my life? It doesn’t feel like it.

3. It takes money to maintain color. You have to keep going back to get your roots done. Do I have money for that in this season of my life? Um, no. (Although my BFF really takes good care of us in the hair department. Thanks! I love you!)

Yes, numbers 2 and 3 sounded almost exactly alike. On purpose.

4. I like it when my Princess asks me why I don’t “paint” my hair. I also love it that we have that conversation pretty much every day.

5. In a related reason, I love my girls’ references to my “old” hair—and questions like “If Daddy’s older than you are, why is your hair older than his?” (The answer to that one is always “I got his gray hairs and mine too.”)

6. I get to use the purple shampoo twice a week. Purple is my favorite color.

7. I love to refer to my “shimmering” highlights.

8. BookGirl wants her hair to look like mine when she grows up. She thinks it’s pretty.

9. Silver hair runs in my family. I’m in great company, as shown by this picture of a four-generation lunch with my girls, my mom, and my grandmother.

10. “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” Proverbs 16:31 (NIV1984) I don’t want to mess with my crown! It’s a sign of the work of Christ in my life—His righteousness!

What are you laughing about today?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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34 Responses to Why I Don’t Color My Hair

  1. Joy says:

    I think you have beautiful hair! The grey/silver/white hair runs in our family as well and I love it. My daddy asked me many years ago to never ever color my hair because he didn’t want me to ruin it. I promised him that day and have kept the promise. We can have silver/white hair together! :)

  2. Emily says:

    Found you through OhAmanda and I love the verse you shared! I’m going to be passing that one on to some wonderful women I know who are fretting about their own ‘crowns.’

  3. I think you’re beautiful…and my kids remind me of that verse daily!!!

  4. Sara says:

    My husband (an engineer) is my colorist. I buy the cheap(est) box at Target, and we get a little bonding time every couple of months while he scientifically pulls strands through the plastic cap and then precisely applies the color. I get compliments every time it’s freshly done, and I love seeing the look on people’s faces when I tell them Myron did it!

    • All these times we’ve talked, Sara, and I didn’t know that about you! Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine their faces when you tell them who does your hair. That’s priceless!

  5. theizaiahscrolls says:

    LOL!! LOved the post!!

  6. Annie Eskeldson says:

    Hilarious!! Your beautiful no matter how you wear your hair!!! I on the other hand am long overdue for a box of color :)

  7. Martie says:

    It’s that Cantley side of the family coming through. And your hair has a LONG ways to catch up to mine!! I just decided this week I need to buy some of that purple shampoo to use but was told to only use it once a week to keep it from actually turning my hair blue. 😉

    I LOVED when I was 24 and the rage was having your hair “frosted” and mine was that way naturally. I even had someone get on my case about “frosting” my hair one day. I told him if he had a problem with my hair he needed to talk to God. LOL

    I did color my hair for a while. You are right – takes too much time and too much money. I like my natural look. And it’s WAY past time for me to get a haircut.

  8. ohamanda says:

    I love silver hair!!

    And I’m the same way-I haven’t colored my hair yet I just don’t wanna spend the time/money! And the thought it will take and ugh. I’m just gonna stick w/my grey for awhile! :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  9. Holly Nelson says:

    Jennifer, LOVE the haircut!!! BTW, I color my own hair, to cover the gray. With it short, i can get two dye’s out of the same bottle, for a whopping big investment of $7 and one hour every 8 weeks. That brings me GREAT joy when I look in the mirror and don’t see a face that looks as old as i feel sometimes. On the other hand, until I had a full head of gray at age 35, i was the same as you, my dear friend.

  10. Stef Layton says:

    $8 in a box (tops) over here in fake blonde land ! =)

  11. Tricia says:

    I’m so with you Jennifer! All very good reasons not to colour hair. I don’t colour mine either. People always tell me that going grey will make you look old. I don’t understand that. Going grey makes you look the age you are. And I don’t know why I would want to be any other age than that. Though I’ll admit, I still haven’t mastered the no-make-up thing. Would love to feel comfortable or confident enough to do away with that too. :)

    • Good for you, Tricia! Even with all my gray, people say I look younger than I am. 😉

      I wouldn’t want to be another age, either! I wear make-up too. I feel kind of funny without it, although my husband says I look great. (He’s a wonderful, wonderful man.)

  12. Linda says:

    With you 100%!! I went gray REALLY early and now I got TONS of compliments on my gray hair. From complete strangers. In grocery stores and airports. Sometimes it’s even a little creepy. But it makes me feel good!! :-)

    My #11 reason? I can afford to buy even more coffee with the money I’m NOT spending on hair dye!

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  14. Rogene says:

    I’m a bit older than you Jennifer, but I made the decision to gray naturally years ago when my mother had a severe reaction to her hair dye and so far have not regretted it. I think white hair is beautiful. Right now it’s pretty much natural “highlights” for me and when I’m out in the sun it really is “silver threads among the gold.” I believe we all have our own special beauty at every age and there is absolutely nothing wrong with aging naturally.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment today, Rogene! I also appreciate the encouragement to continue to age naturally and gracefully, if that’s my choice. I have the natural highlights now too, and I’m comfortable with that. I think hair color is fun, but it’s just not something I’m interested in right now, although I have had highlights done in the past. :)

  15. Amanda Jones says:

    I had so much fun reading this post! I am one from the anti-coloring club and glad to find myself in good company! I tell my family that my gray is my experience lines and I have earned every single one… I am proud of them!!! Not gloating… but just sayin’!! :-) You look beautiful :-)

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I had a good time writing it. I have done highlights before but hated having to get them done so often. I’m very happy being very gray right now! It’s good to know I’M in good company. 😉

  16. Johnnie Cross says:

    I’m 84 but about 40 years ago I had colored my hair until I didn’t know what color it really was. I decided to let it grow out and that was a horror story. I think I went every color there was. So No more color for me. I think God made our hair to complement our faces. No 16 year hair for this face. We also have some inherited hair patterns to deal with, cow-licks etc. Right.gm

    • Your hair color complements your face perfectly, although I agree that the cowlicks (on the back of my neck) are difficult to deal with! Overall, I think we are very blessed with our hair color—and much more.

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