You Know You’re a (Homeschool) Teacher When…

  1. You teach in your pajamas a couple of days a week.
  2. Instead of reprimanding your students for daydreaming when you catch them looking out the window, you encourage everyone to head outside for an impromptu science lesson about that unusual bird you spotted in the driveway.
  3. Road trips become opportunities to teach geography and map-reading skills.
  4. Rewards for a job well done include lots of hugs and kisses.
  5. Nap time is an acceptable after-lunch activity for tired students, even if they’re not in kindergarten.
  6. Discussions about God, faith, and the Bible occur throughout the day, not just during “Bible” class.
  7. “Recess” means going outside to play as a family and spending time serving the neighbors.
  8. You find yourself “rotating” classes: reading takes place in the living room, math at the kitchen table, science in the front yard, language arts in the laundry room, etc.
  9. School hours can “flex” with work schedules, family activities, and health status.
  10. At the end of the day, your students say, “I love you, Mom! I’m glad you’re my teacher.”

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14 Responses to You Know You’re a (Homeschool) Teacher When…

  1. Stacey says:

    I am so glad I found your site! It’s great. This post is so so true. I agree with each point:)

    • Thanks, Stacey! I’m glad you visited and left a comment. I’ve already been to your blog and left some comments. I’m looking forward to reading more!


  2. Ray says:

    Great post and so true. We(and when I say ‘we’ I of course mean my wife) homeschool as well.

  3. Samantha says:

    That’s cute and so true :) I remember doing twice the lessons in one week so we could have a week off ..just because :)

    • One of the beauties of homeschooling, Samantha! We’ve been known to do the same thing—work ahead so we can have time “off”! In fact, we started working ahead several weeks ago because of medical stuff, and we’re keeping the momentum going now so (maybe) we can finish for the summer…early!


  4. crispone says:

    Regarding #5: What about the teacher? 😉

    I’m hoping that we’ll wind up homeschooling our daughter someday, but the decision isn’t only up to me, of course. #6 is the main reason that I want that. I recently read “Approved Absence” by Douglas Wilson, and he talks about this a lot. He makes the argument that children who are not participating in an all encompassing Christian education (particularly in public schools) are learning about everything – math, science, reading, etc. – apart from God. They’re learning that whether or not God exists, He’s irrelevant here.

    And yet, our relationship with God is all encompassing. “The Earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.” We need to learn how to see all of life through God’s eyes and teach our children to do the same.

    Keep it up!

    • Regarding #5: If you follow me on Twitter, you know that naps are a regular occurrence for the teacher too! :)

      The book by Douglas Wilson sounds like a good one. I’ll have to see if I can find a copy. I hadn’t thought of it exactly that way before, but you’re right! I will pray for you and your family as you make these decisions.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


  5. Debby says:

    I am a homeschool mom too and I really liked your post. There are so many positives to homeschooling and I am truly blessed to be able to stay home with my kids, be their teacher, all the while having my husband support me 100%!

  6. tijuanabecky says:

    Love your list of knowing you’re a homeschool teacher when… The title in itself is great because it makes people want to read it, there is a sense of wonder.
    Putting it in a list really helps too.

    My mom was a homeschool teacher, she homeschooled me, and some of the things are the same with her and some not.

    I love your blog and have enjoyed reading. Thanks!

  7. Erin @ Closing Time says:

    So true! What a great post! I love the flexibility and the continual opportunities for learning that homeschool provides!

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