10 Things You Need to Know About Me

10 Things You Need to Know About Me - jenniferajanes.com

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I haven’t done this in a while, so I guess it’s time to share a little about myself with you, especially for new readers. (*waving* Hi! I’m glad you’re here!)

10 Things You Need to Know About Me

  1. My favorite color is purple. Many of you have probably already guessed that. I inherited the color purple from my stepdad, who died when Princess Roo was six months old. If you’re interested in the long version of this story, ask.
  2. This month, I will turn an age that ends in a round number. Want to guess which one?
  3. The shimmering highlights in my hair are natural. I know you’re jealous, but try not to be. Gray hair is in my genes. Read this post to find out why I don’t color it.
  4. I’m WAY behind on email. Truthfully, I stay behind. If you sent me an email I haven’t responded to, feel free to gently remind me with a respectful comment, private message, or email. (Okay, maybe not an email. 😉 )
  5. I have met many wonderful friends online (and have even met some of them at conventions) . . .
  6. But I would rather spend time with my family and local friends than online. (I’ve been convicted recently that I have to find some balance between my online and offline time.)
  7. I’m getting up ridiculously early to be in charge of my days again. I’m tired of my days (and terrible sleep patterns) being in charge of me. Read this post to find out how I got started.
  8. Because I’m getting up so early, I’m not staying up as late as I used to. To those of you I used to have late-night chats with, I’m sorry. I miss the chats, but I need the sleep. 5 am comes very early!
  9. I work. In addition to homeschooling, I write, blog, and speak. I am an Avon Independent Sales Representative, and I’m the District Assistant for my Avon District. I am blessed to have opportunities to bring in extra income for my family, but my days are busy!
  10. I love to go places, meet new people, and have adventures, but I love being home. As much as I love attending conferences and conventions, turning online friends into IRL friends, and learning about new places and ideas, I love being back at home more. My heart is at home, and it’s a place I’m always thrilled to return to.

What things do I really need to know about you? Please leave a few in the comments. I love getting to know you better!

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*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site. See my disclosure policy for more information.

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11 Responses to 10 Things You Need to Know About Me

  1. Kristin Andrews says:

    The things you forgot!
    1. You have a heart larger than can be measured.
    2. You are a a true friend to whomever needs one.
    3. You are a wonderful wife.
    4. As a mother ( you make it look easy)
    5. You are the best pray partner I have ever had!
    Ps, I could not imagine your shimmering highlights any other color!
    You are loved!

  2. Fun post. I like your silver highlights; I have a few myself (which seem to be rapidly multiplying!).

  3. I’m having a birthday with a round number on the end this year, too. I’m guessing it’s not the same number as yours :0)

    P.S. I have silver highights, too. But I cover mine up. Many it’s that rounded number coming in a couple of months which compels me 😉

    Now, if I could a handle on that getting up early thing, I would say that you and I could be besties :)

    • Congratulations on your round birthday, Marcy!

      LOL. I watched what happened to my mom when she covered hers up when it got really silvery. It wasn’t pretty. I decided to just leave mine alone.

      It was a God thing that I have been able to change my schedule and manage it. Without His help, I couldn’t do it!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I just love your heart. That getting up early thing does get the day off on the right path! I don’t stay up late, either. Maybe I’m missing out there, but I”m not missing my quiet time and work time before my kids get up!

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  6. Ticia says:

    20, you’re turning 20, right?

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