A Lesson in Being

A Lesson in Being, Not Doing

I’ve beaten myself up for weeks because I feel like I’m behind with everything. I have left so many things undone. There are emails in my inbox that need to be dealt with and things in my house that I am slowly attending to as I’m able.

I’ve been frustrated because I don’t have the TV- or Pinterest-perfect life. (Of course, I don’t remember June Cleaver having to take the Beaver to a few therapy appointments a week or to out-of-town specialist appointments three weeks in a row, either.) I have based my worth on how much of my to-do list gets done each day.

This weekend, I did get a lot done. I made lunch for some neighbors who are moving. I did a LOT of laundry and got it folded, hung up, and put away. I had my weekly wrap-up post published on Friday instead of Saturday (or worse, Sunday!). I vacuumed and changed sheets. I edited and scheduled the Be Fully Persuaded post for this week. I thought about other writing projects I want to work on.

And I started realizing that I’m being too hard on myself. It is important to do all of those things, but they don’t define my value and who I am. I’m deciding whether I’m “good enough” based on what I do.

The Bible tells me that I’m good enough because of Whose I am. I am a child of the King, and He loves me no matter how long—or short—my to-do list is.

As I reflected on this truth, I realized that I’m caught up on what matters most. This week, I’m going to be thankful for those things.

#1461. A good visit with our neighbor before he headed north again.

#1462. Attending BookGirl’s first book signing with her and listening to her excitement as she talked about the event.

#1463. Attending a Sunday school fellowship on Saturday evening and putting together a dozen shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas Child.

#1464. Making homemade bubble solution for the girls and taking time from my household chores to watch them (and a little friend) enjoy them.

#1465. Soaking in the Word as Beth Moore taught in our final DVD session of the Faithful, Abundant, True Bible study I’ve been doing on Sunday nights.

#1466. Stopping our homeschool lessons this morning to help Princess Roo work through some spiritual questions she had, including praying with her and reading a chapter of Battlefield of the Mind for Kids—at her request.

#1467. Being able to laugh at a “mishap” we experienced this morning. I was frustrated, but I managed to keep my sense of humor.

#1468. Shopping for free treats with the girls at the new CVS Pharmacy with the coupons we got in the mail.

#1469. Preparing our hearts for Christmas as we work through The Birth of Jesus (Grapevine Studies) as a family each weekend.

#1470. Conversations with my husband.

#1471. Enjoying episodes of a TV show on Netflix with my husband—and trying to figure out the mystery together.

#1472. Precious notes from my girls.

#1473. Sitting between my daughters on the couch, reading science and social studies lessons to them.

#1474. Meals with my family together around the table.

#1475. The reminder that being…

  • who God created me to be
  • with my family
  • alone in the Word and prayer with my Creator

…is exactly what God intends for me to do.

In what ways are you just being today?

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9 Responses to A Lesson in Being

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Aww, sweet friend. You’ve quit preaching and gone to meddlin’. I have realized that I live in this ‘never enough’ space all the time. You hit me right where I live. I want off the merry go round and roller coaster. I want to rest and just ‘be’. May the Lord bless us both with that capacity and freedom. I love you and am so thankful for your quiet voice in my life!

  2. Meredith says:

    everyone needs this! I know I struggle with things never being enough, A LOT lol thank you for this reminder, God is with us, we are LOVED :)

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  4. Carmen says:

    What’s this about a book signing? Did BookGirl contribute to Dream Catchers”?

    • Yes, she did! The children who entered a Young Writer’s Contest had their entries compiled into a book. They took shifts signing the books earlier this month, and there’s talk of another book signing at the library next month!

  5. Carmen says:

    Whoo hoo! I MUST read her entry. What an exciting adventure! I am so proud of and for her. <3

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