Autism Awareness 2014

Autism Awareness 2014 -

Autism Awareness 2014

It’s April. It’s Princess Roo’s birthday month, and it’s Autism Awareness Month. I’m aware of the irony of having a child on the autism spectrum whose birthday is during Autism Awareness Month. We’re making plans to celebrate and, as always, I’m doing what I can to educate others and make them aware of what people with autism face.

I’m headed out to a local Autism Awareness rally now, and I’m decked out for the occasion.

Autism Awareness 2014 -

The girls have chosen to wear blue today too, and we’re excited to see what support there is locally for the autism community.

I would also like to remind you of some resources you might want to read and share:

I participate in Autism Awareness Month because I believe it’s important. But I also have a very personal reason:

Girl with flower -

Photo credits: Jennifer A. Janes

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