The Blessing of Progress

The Blessing of Progress -

The Blessing of Progress

She was falling apart. The craft supplies she had left in the car, and then brought into the house (I saw her bring them in), were missing. She cried, screamed, demanded that we all help her look for them. We looked in all the obvious and many not-so-obvious places. No one saw them.

At her request, I went back outside to the car with her to look again. While there, I asked if she had prayed. I barely got the words out of my mouth when she said, “Please, God. I need help!”

We went back inside, and she continued to rant, although she was a bit calmer. The rest of us went about our business, and she continued to look.

Within a few minutes, she came into my room, sniffling. “I felt like God was telling me to look in my closet again. I did, and there they were, on the floor.”

I guided her through apologies for her behavior in the heat of the emotions, and she was sincerely repentant. She went about organizing her craft supplies, which was her original intention, and I rejoiced, thanking God for the progress I had seen in the incident:

  • The meltdown wasn’t as bad as before we began seeking help and receiving therapy.
  • It didn’t last as long as in the past.
  • Most importantly: She prayed, God answered, and she recognized His answer.

Just like in our lives, our children’s faith grows as they pray about “little” things and God answers, building their faith to believe Him in the bigger things. This is major progress and a reason to rejoice.

I have shared more stories of God’s work in my family and our homeschool recently here:

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Blogging for Good: #EndItMovement

I’m blessed to be at home with my children right now. Blessed that they’re home with me. But there are 27 million men, women, and children who are not so blessed. They are slaves. Join me today for “Shine a Light on Slavery Day” as we raise awareness of modern-day slavery so that we can begin, together, to fight for their freedom.

Want more information? Visit and Wellspring International for ways you and your family can help.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hooray for such a blessing–improvement. We special needs parents learn to appreciate the truly little things, don’t we. 😉 Rejoicing with you!

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