I CAN Be Two Places at Once!

I CAN Be in Two Places at Once! - jenniferajanes.com

I CAN Be Two Places at Once!

Make that three, since I wrote a quick post here too. 😉

I have writing up on TWO different sites today, and I wanted to share my excitement!

I have a post up at We are THAT family! “Saying YES is Always More Than You Bargained For” begins with:

When I said “Yes!” to my younger daughter’s life, refusing to discuss termination with my doctor, I had no idea what that would mean. All indications were, despite the doctor’s fears, that our daughter was just fine. Later we realized that she does, indeed, have medical and neurodevelopmental issues, and she is a struggling learner too. All of this information has come to us little by little, although we realized at birth that she was a bit different.

I had no idea that saying yes to my daughter’s life would mean an entirely different life for our family. . .

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I also have a devotional for special needs parents up at Comfort in the Midst of Chaos. This month’s topic is “When You Just Want to Hide”:

Not long ago, we found one of our young cats buried in the laundry basket. She was hiding away from the rest of the family, and when we found her, it was obvious we had disturbed her nap. We dug her out and got the laundry put away, and the cat found another place to sleep. In a way, I envied her. There are many days that I’m just flat-out weary and would love nothing more than to hide somewhere that no one will find me for a few hours, a place where I can sleep, pray, or cry my way to a place of peace and rest. It rarely happens, though, except for those times I manage to escape to the shower at the perfect time.

When those days come, the really hard ones, I get through by. . . 

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(Don’t miss my new post: To the Sibling of a Child with Special Needs.)

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