Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe by Jenny Lee Sulpizio {Review}

Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe by Jenny Lee Sulpizio {Review} -

*I received a free copy of Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe from Jenny Lee Sulpizio in exchange for an honest review. I agreed to read and review the book because I’m a Wannabe who wants to be more Wonder Woman. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting this site.

Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe by Jenny Lee Sulpizio

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began reading Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe by Jenny Lee Sulpizio. I thought I might find some funny anecdotes by a mom who’s been there with some Scripture thrown in to assure me that God is walking this messy journey called motherhood with me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

While Jenny does a fantastic job of pointing us to God and assuring us that we can navigate the mess of motherhood with His help, she does it by providing extremely practical advice to use to overcome some of the sanity-killers mothers experience daily.

When I reached chapter five and read the title “Peeing in Peace: Unlocking the Secret,” I knew I’d found a reference book that would take me through to the empty nest. For ten years I’ve told people the greatest gift they could give me is five minutes alone in the bathroom to take care of my business, but not many people understood I was serious—except for moms in the same stage of childrearing or those who have managed to remember what it was like.

Jenny kept meeting me where I live when she talked about the oversized handbag I carry (and how to downsize it), managing dishes and laundry, saving money, and getting to church and other appointments on time (before kids, I was always early!). And she managed it all without making me feel condemned or judged.

Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe is uplifting and encouraging. It would make an amazing gift for moms in every stage of motherhood, including those who are expecting. (I wish I’d had the practical advice in this book from day one.) Confessions has taught me that it’s okay to not be Wonder Woman, but I’m not just a Wannabe either. I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

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