FaithLeaps: Interview with Alyssa Avant

FaithLeaps: An Interview with Alyssa Avant -

When Alyssa Avant asked me to be part of the FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose, and Profits book tour, I was happy to agree. The title of the book intrigued me, especially since I have begun working at home while homeschooling both of my children and managing medical care and therapy sessions for my daughter with special needs.

I purchased the book on Amazon for 99 cents this week (it’s still available at that price for a limited time!) and have read over half of it already. It is easy to read and understand, and it addresses issues like developing a schedule or routine, assessing your talents and gifts, finding your passion and purpose, and how to put those to work for you.

I had some questions in the course of my reading, so I asked Alyssa for her response to them. Here’s my brief interview:

1. What advice do you have for women who have worked on their schedule/routine again and again, but they just can’t find anything that works for their family?

There has to be an answer.  I say don’t push yourself to fit the mold someone else has established.  There are a ton of amazing resources online for “scheduling” or “routines” if you will but that doesn’t mean they will work with or for your family.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Do what works for you.  I’ve learned that my life isn’t going to fit into a time chart.  Kids don’t work that way, and let’s face it life doesn’t work that way.  For me, I had a list of things each day I wanted to try and accomplish and many times I had to fit those things in whenever I could.

2. How should women about to take a Faith Leap prepare themselves and their families for the changes that are about to take place?

The most important step in taking a faith leap is to pray. God will speak in His still, small voice and give you the confidence and everything else that you need to do so.

3. If you had to summarize the entire book in one statement, what would it be?

Faith Leaps is taking a leap of faith out of your own comfort zone into the hands of God.

I have taken some leaps of faith of my own in the past year. It can be scary, but the benefits are definitely worth it!

Disclosure: I agreed to write a post for Alyssa for the book tour, but I purchased my own copy of the book. All opinions are my own. 

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