When You Get a Different Dream

When You Get a Different Dream - jenniferajanes.com

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When You Get a Different Dream

I have written about how my writing has taken a much different turn than I expected. (I explained that in more detail in a chapter I wrote for iBlog.) This turn of events came about because I gave birth to a child with special needs. My life is much different from what I imagined.

Jolene Philo got a different dream too, when her child was born with a birth defect with serious health repercussions. I first became aware of her story when I reviewed her book Different Dream Parenting. Since then, I have interacted with her regularly on Twitter, and I enjoy visiting her site.

And today, another beautiful example of God bringing people together to support one another and minister to families of children with special needs: Jolene is featuring my Encouragement for Parents of Children with Special Needs series at Different Dream | for my child!

Please go visit the site, look around, and follow Jolene on social media. You will enjoy her heart for families, and you will glean so much from her knowledge and experience—and that of her writers!

For more from the Be Fully Persuaded series, including testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness to my family in times past, click the graphic below:

Be Fully Persuaded - jenniferajanes.com

I’ll be speaking in the Special Needs track at Teach Them Diligently in Dallas. Which one will you attend?

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