5 Ways to Make Christmas Easier for the Guest with Special Needs

Make Christmas more enjoyable for the guest with special needs. Check out this 5-day series to find out how.

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5 Ways to Make Christmas Easier for the Guest with Special Needs

Christmas is a difficult time for many families. Even in the best of situations, it can be busy, stressful, and expensive. But when a family member has special needs, Christmas is an extremely hard season. There are many extra preparations and precautions that must be taken, and often family members and friends don’t understand or refuse to discuss them.

For the next five days, we’re going to look at major points of contention, and I’m going to share some of the thoughts that special needs families wish they could share with extended family and friends.

My hope is that this series will open the door for families to discuss these issues and create holiday plans that work well for everyone. Each day this week, the link to the newest post will be added until all five are live. If you want to share these thoughts with others, sharing this page will make sure that the reader has access to the entire series as it’s available.

Day 1: Communication

Day 2: Food

Day 3: Schedule/planned activities

Day 4: Travel

Day 5: The Whole Gift Thing

(Gift ideas for kids with autism and sensory issues coming soon. I’ll add the link right here, so stay tuned!)

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