Mustard Seed Planting: Hardening My Heart

Mustard Seeds

First, let me apologize in advance for the brevity of this week’s post. I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection. I’m miserable and am praying for all of those sweet babies who have them over and over.

As I was reading through Exodus last week, I came across a verse that I’ve been thinking about ever since. I’m not memorizing it, but I’m definitely meditating on it, praying about it, and allowing the Holy Spirit to examine my heart.

“But when Pharaoh saw that there was relief, he hardened his heart and would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had said.”

Exodus 8:15 (NIV1984)

My family has been through a lot of hard times in the last several years. Some issues have come up repeatedly. When I read this verse, it made me wonder how often we get relief in a certain area and start thinking we can do it on our own, without complete dependence on God. Is that why we keep dealing with the same things again and again—because in our pride and arrogance we harden our hearts when we see some relief? Sure, we’re initially thankful that God helped us, but so was Pharaoh. It didn’t last.

It’s something I’m praying about this week.

How do you respond when you get relief in hard situations?

Please share the verses God is using in your life this week by linking up or leaving a comment here or at Mom’s Mustard Seeds. Rebecca and I look forward to reading your posts!

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11 Responses to Mustard Seed Planting: Hardening My Heart

  1. Jennifer, when I get there…to those places…I pray…and I reach out to my friends…like you, I ask for more prayer….and then, I prepare the fields for rain. It will come and when it does…it will wash all of this away!!!

  2. Robin says:

    I am reading the Bible in a Year with our church and I am actually also reading Exodus right now! I have been struggling with this very thing. The cliche “Be careful what you wish for” has crossed my mind many times and then I realize that GOD has a plan. It is not always an easy pill to swallow when things don’t go our way, or the perfect picture we had in our minds has a big blob of ink on it. Hardening our hearts is sometimes a normal reaction. For me, spending extra time reading my Bible and being encouraged by spiritual friends helps me tremendously. Romans 8:28.

  3. Sara says:

    We seem to be almost constantly fighting a cold or flu around here. As we start to heal again, I want to remember even more deeply that it truly is Him in me that lives–healthy or sick! Thanks for a brief post; it’s all I had the energy for, but so glad to have a place to connect.

    • I’m so sorry, Sara! I know how you feel. This ear infection is the result of round 2 of upper respiratory stuff at our house. I wasn’t finished with the antibiotic from the first round when the second round hit. I’m praying for you and your precious family.

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  5. jezamama says:

    Oh that’s good. I was struck by that verse too. And the one where Pharaoh (unimpressed) by one of the displays of God’s power turns around and goes back into the house.

    But the one you picked… that will have me thinking. How often when relief comes do we just turn around and go on like nothing ever happened?
    So glad to have you reading with us.

  6. Tricia says:

    That is so true that we pray and submit to God when we are in need or in desperation yet as soon as our prayers are answered and life is back to “normal” we easily forget about God and go about our business without Him. I have never looked at Pharoah’s hardened heart that way, very interesting.

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