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My Princess is making tremendous academic progress, but the amount of repetition required for her to grasp and process the concepts and make them her own wearies us both. I thought she was the only one needing lots of repetition, but I was wrong . . .

Not long ago, J.K. McGuire posted something on her Facebook page about looking for repeated phrases in the book of Exodus. I didn’t reply to that post, but it made me think. Then, when I got to Deuteronomy, certain phrases stood out to me over and over. I marked them in my Bible and began to jot them down on a sticky note. I came across these the most often:

  • “Be careful . . . “
  • “Remember . . . “
  • “Hold fast to him . . .”
  • “. . . as he promised . . .”
  • “Do not forget . . .”

The fact that God had them recorded so many times makes me think that He knew the Israelites needed those reminders to pay attention, to think about what they were doing, to be intentional in following Him. As I read the words before and after these phrases, I realized that God knew I needed the repetition so that I will pay attention, think about what I’m doing, and be intentional in following Him.

Be careful that you do not forget the LORD your God . . . .”

Deuteronomy 8:11 (NIV1984)

Next time we sit down to do lessons, I’m going to be a little more relaxed with my daughter. We’re in the same boat. We both need lots of repetition to “get it.”

How do you make sure God’s Word makes its way deep into your heart so that you live it out?

Please link-up or leave a comment here or at Mom’s Mustard Seeds letting Rebecca and me know how God is using Scripture to transform your life. I look forward to reading your posts and comments every week. God never fails to use them to speak to me!

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18 Responses to Mustard Seed Planting: Repetition

  1. We all need that repetition, don’t we? Thank you for the reminder as we get deeper into our homeschool time with D. I’m getting only one or two things out of him a day, but as I think of the phrases you have marked, I think of my D. He has not had an easy first 10 years, so I need to remember to take it easy with him. God will lead us both through this journey, especially with people like you holding our hands through this. Thank you!

  2. Sara says:

    By reading great blogs, talking about the Word with others, and reading it again and again and again. If I have a true nugget, I try to share it quickly with someone so that by teaching it, however informally, it stays with me better too.

    • I think that teaching it as quickly as possible is a great idea, Sara! I see you do that often on your blog, and I’m sure you share with your daughters on their level too. I try to do the same but never thought about it that way before. Thank you!

  3. He knew and knows we need that repitition…. Hurray for your sweet girl…and Hurray for a God who gives us what we need….like reminding us the same thing over and over (like I have to with my own children, at times!)

  4. Robin says:

    What a great perspective. I am in the same boat. My girls both need tons of repetition and at times I feel myself growing less than patient. I’m sure God feels the same way with me. Excellent point.

  5. katie says:

    So happy I found your blog this evening (I’m homeschooling two with special needs and three typicals). Enjoying going through your posts :-)

  6. kelli- AdventurezInChildRearing says:

    funny, I wrote about being a “broken record” but it’s true – I am thankful God has been patient in reminding me over and over and over . . . . . very good insight 😉

  7. Hope Wilbanks says:

    Repetition is the essence of learning. :) I love that you found the correlation between what you’re going through with schooling her and the Bible. Awesome!! Keep fighting the good fight! One day the light will “click” for her and she’s going to blossom…because you’re her teacher and you’re allowing her to repeat as often as needed.

    • Thanks, Hope! The repetition and hard work are already paying off! When I get discouraged about where we are, I just remember where we were this time last year. We’re seeing lots of progress!

  8. Whenever I read through the Old Testament from slavery in Egypt to the Judges, I think, “My goodness, don’t they LEARN?”

    Then I stop and think.

    And I realize why God puts their story in there so many times. Because we’re all like that. And, yes, we need that repetition.

  9. Jason says:

    I usually read passages multiple times and ask God to reveal different things every day. Through it, I find ways to apply His Word to my life.

    • That’s a good tip, Jason! I’m going to try that—keep combing through the same passages until I’ve “harvested” everything God has for me there at that point in time. Thanks!

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