Periodic Table Chemistry Game for Homeschool Families

Periodic Table Chemistry Game for Homeschool Families -

Disclaimer: I received a free download of the Atomidoodle app from Hero Factor Games. I was compensated for the time I spent working on this review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. This post may contain affiliate links.

Learning the Periodic Table – My Problem

It’s time for a homeschool mom confession: When it comes to science, I do really well at life sciences. Plants and animals, the study of the human body, those are easy for me. I found chemistry and physics intimidating and more difficult when I was in school, and that hasn’t changed. I get really stressed when I think about covering some of the subjects that I found especially hard. And explaining the periodic table? Terrifying.

But my older daughter is headed towards junior high, so it’s time to face my fears and get more serious about tackling the physical sciences, including the periodic table. And I found a solution to that problem: the Atomidoodle app from Hero Factor Games.

Atomidoodle from Hero Factor Games – The Solution 

Atomidoodle is the answer to helping my daughter become familiar with the periodic table. It’s visually appealing, which was a pleasant surprise when we opened the app for the first time, and it’s something I continue to enjoy. The title screen is beautiful, and the game itself looks like graph paper with hand-sketched lines—a virtual science notebook!

Atomidoodle periodic table Hero Factor Games

The game requires you to “build” different elements by using the fission and fusion widgets to get the correct number of protons for the various elements (it also explains fission and fusion), and each level has a challenge to complete. When you finish the challenge, you unlock a new element on your periodic table. You can return to the periodic table as often as desired, and clicking on an unlocked element reveals information about that element.

Atomidoodle periodic table elements chemistry

The thing I love about all of this is that Atomidoodle is educational in more ways than one! When my daughter plays it, she gets:

  • An introduction to the elements of the periodic table.
  • Addition and division practice.
  • Chemistry facts presented throughout the game.
  • Practice applying problem solving skills—you have to quickly decide which path the atoms need to take to meet the challenge and act before the atoms head the wrong way.
  • Fun! The problem-solving and challenges make Atomidoodle as much a puzzle game as a chemistry game, which keeps my daughter interested and returning to the game regularly.

periodic table elements Atomidoodle

Another thoughtful plus: The app has three “notebooks,” which means that my older daughter, younger daughter, and I each have a place to play where we won’t disturb someone else’s progress.

Take a look for yourself:

Hero Factor Games has created a beautiful and engaging way for kids to practice math skills and learn the periodic table. We’ll be using this to supplement our science lessons for a long time.

Atomidoodle for YOUR Family

You can join the fun by getting the Atomidoodle app on iTunes for $1.99 or on Google Play for $2.00.

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  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful review! We are so glad that the game gave you an effective and enjoyable starting place to help your daughters learn about chemistry!

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