Review: The Simtech Single Switch Series

The Simtech Single Switch Series by Simtech Publications is an amazing collection of games for kids of all ages. The wonderful thing is that they can easily be played with a single switch (or, if you prefer, your mouse). It’s amazing what the designers at Simtech have enabled kids to do by just clicking!

My daughter has benefited from many of these games because they help her work on eye-hand coordination and visual processing issues. We especially like the Sights and Sounds Series. My daughter is fascinated by the way the screen fills with color and by the accompanying sounds—as long as she remembers to keep the trackpad button pushed down! It’s a great activity to help her “multi-task” and learn to focus on more than one thing at a time. I love to see her face when she gets so involved in what’s happening on the screen that she doesn’t put enough pressure on the button. She remedies that quickly!

All of the games in Switch Kick-Start for Kids are winners with my daughter too. She especially enjoys “Frog and Fly” and “The Picasso Series.” “Frog and Fly” uses the switch to help a frog eat flies that fly across the top of the screen. The games in “The Picasso Series” create pictures with a series of clicks. The scanning games are especially good for eye-hand coordination because the child has to click at just the right time (when the box scans over the item).

There are also series for preschoolers and teens. They’re all fantastic. It just depends on what your child needs!

If you’re looking for fun games that are easily switch-operated, will work on eye-hand coordination and visual processing,  and will delight your child’s senses of sight and sound, then you should definitely check out Marblesoft-Simtech products. We’ve used them since last spring, and I’m very impressed.

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Disclaimer: I received The Simtech Single Switch Series free from Marblesoft-Simtech in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I received no further compensation for this review.

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  1. This software sounds great, Jennifer. I think at least 2 of my kids would truly benefit from the activities you mentioned.

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