When the Seemingly Bad is Good

When the Seemingly Bad is Good - jenniferajanes.com

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When the Seemingly Bad is Good

Last week I had to take Princess Roo to the endocrinologist for a check-up. (She’s doing well and has grown enough that she’s been discharged from that clinic. It’s always good to cross one specialist off the list. Thanks for asking! :) ) About a week before we had to go, I looked at my tires and was shocked to see how worn they were. I began praying that they would be okay for the trip to Children’s and back. It’s almost 300 miles round-trip, so I was concerned with good reason.

The day before the appointment, I was out running errands, trying to get everything done before we left. My mom had stopped by and offered to keep the kids for a little while, so I was alone in the van, which was unusual. When I approached the first stop sign, I heard a noise that sounded like something was stuck in my tire. (If the kids had been in the van with me, chattering and singing, I never would have heard it.)

I nervously drove to the first stop on my to do list, and I went around to the passenger side of the van. The front tire looked okay, but I found a metal spike of some sort stuck in the rear tire. I called my husband, and he had me drive carefully to meet him at a tire shop to get the spike removed and the tire repaired.

After I arrived at the tire shop and he examined my tires, my husband came to the same conclusion I had reached the week before. My tires were shot. There was no way that the shop would repair the damaged tire. It was too far gone. We were forced to make the very difficult (and costly) decision to buy a full set of tires for the van.

Finally, after a week of praying for protection on this trip to Children’s, of believing for God to watch over my daughter and me as we traveled on worn out tires, of being more concerned about the safety of my tires than the oil leak we’re praying about getting repaired, I had peace about the tires.

The cost of the new tires pinched us financially in a way we could barely stand to be pinched. The decision was difficult even though it was the right one. But before I went to bed that evening, I was able to thank God for the nail in the tire. I was able to see that in allowing something bad to happen (the nail in the tire), God potentially protected us from something worse (a blowout on interstate, an accident, etc.).

The feelings I had about that silly nail were perfectly summarized in a quote I read in Anything by Jennie Allen. Her friend Rachel said,

“You have to thank God for the seemingly good and the seemingly bad because really, you don’t know the difference.”

That’s it. We don’t know the difference. But God, in His infinite wisdom, does. I’m learning to trust Him and His goodness—even in the seemingly bad.

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