The 2:1 Conference Follow-Up. (Finally!)

It has been three weeks since I got home from The 2:1 Conference. I have struggled with illness before the conference and after. I think I’m finally on the way to a full recovery, so it’s time to share what I learned at the conference. When I reflected on what I learned at 2:1, I was actually surprised. What I expected to learn and what I learned were very different, and what I came home with was better than what I anticipated! There’s no way for me to share everything I learned at the conference, but these are a few things that really stand out:

  • The women I’ve developed online friendships with over the past couple of years are just as wonderful in real life as they are online. I was privileged to spend this weekend with them.

With Tabitha Philen, raising money for a well in Africa with New Blog Hosting.

With Aurie Good.

With Steph Bowman.

With Tabitha Philen, Joy Ellis, and Stef Layton.

With Amanda Pelser.

With dear friends Lena Herrington and Joy Ellis.

  • “Comparison is the death of contentment.” Rachel Martin
  • From notes I read from Rachael Carman‘s last session (while I was flying home): “Choose JOY!”
  • Many of the authors and companies of homeschool books and products I admire are very nice, approachable people. (No “celebrity” attitudes!)
  • It’s more important to manage myself than my time. Heidi St. John
  • “Learning is discipleship!” Heidi St. John
  • My identity is in Christ. Rebecca Ingram Powell (Yes, I already knew that, but sometimes I need a reminder.)

And a few things I learned about myself while flying halfway across the country by myself:

  • With God’s help, I can navigate the world’s busiest (and perhaps largest) airports with the assistance of kind people He puts in my path.
  • It may have only been the stuffy head, but I think it’s best that I take motion sickness medicine when I travel by plane.
  • Planes have infomercials in print form.

I would like to thank Always Icecream / Clever Dragons and Total Yearbooks again. Without the help of these wonderful sponsors, I wouldn’t have been able to attend The 2:1 Conference, and I know I was supposed to be there this year!

Photo credit: Jennifer A. Janes

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