Year-End Field Trip: Mid-America Science Museum

 We recently took a year-end homeschool science field trip to the newly renovated Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas. You need to go!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. I wrote it to share about our homeschool field trip, and for no other reason. I received no compensation or discounts for this post or our trip.

Our Year-End Field Trip to Mid-America Science Museum

This year my lifelong best friend and I decided to do science together. We did the lessons individually at home and then got together every few weeks to discuss and do activities related to the chapters we had read since our last meeting. It was a lot of fun, but we all had spring fever towards the end, so we decided to plan a year-end science field trip to motivate us to push through and finish. Our destination: the newly renovated Mid-America Science Museum (MASM) in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We have been to MASM many times before, but this was our first visit since they finished a major renovation project. The difference was amazing, and we were excited to explore what they have added since the last time we were there.

Some of our favorite activities of the day (which all happened to be new):

The brand-new Skywalk, including the Teleidoscope and the rope netting play area.

Teleidoscope on the Skywalk at Mid-America Science Museum -

rope netting on Skywalk at Mid-America Science Museum -

The new Gyroid Climber, which provided us with some interesting discussions about why you never end up where you thought you would!

Gyroid Climber at Mid-America Science Museum -

The electricity exploration area in the Tinkering Studio.

Tinkering Studio at Mid-America Science Museum -

The two-story interactive water feature that anchors the Fluid Motion Workshop.

water feature at Mid-America Science Museum -

And although it wasn’t my necessarily my kids’ favorite exhibit of the day, the 3-D Rain and Terrain sandbox still has me thinking. How did they use an XBox 360 to sense and project changing elevations onto the mountains and valleys the kids were creating?

If you haven’t been to Mid-America Science Museum lately, you need to go!

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  1. Beth Mora says:

    Wow! What a great way to end the year! Looked like so much fun.

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