Gift Ideas for Kids with Autism and Sensory Issues

Need ideas for gifts for kids with autism and sensory issues? Here are some ideas to get you started!

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Gift Ideas for Kids with Autism and Sensory Issues

If you have a child with autism or sensory issues on your gift list, you might be wondering what you can buy that would be helpful and something they will actually enjoy. While all children with autism and sensory issues are different, here’s a list of ideas that might help you—or at least start a conversation with their parents about what these kids might like!

Chewigem necklace

My daughter loves her beautiful Chewigem raindrop necklace in heather, and it has certainly helped to meet her oral sensory needs—especially the need to chew! It is very attractive and addresses her need to not look different too!

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Chewigem necklace and Litecup -


My daughter keeps water near her bed so she can get a sip at night when she wakes up with a dry throat. She also likes a light when she’s up in the middle of the night. The Litecup meets both needs. The cup really is no-spill (which makes me very happy), and the light is just bright enough and is soothing.

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Use code cyber2015 for 20% off Chewigem and Litecup on Cyber Monday, November 30, 2015, only.

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Weighted blanket, vest, or lap blanket

These provide the deep pressure that kid with autism and sensory issues need. My daughter has really enjoyed her weighted blanket, although we need a new one since she’s grown so much!

weighted blanket,

Leader Light Vibrating Puppy

My daughter has had a vibrating puppy since my mom gave it to her for Christmas a few years ago. Different companies make them, and they’re available in different animal choices too. The vibrations are really soothing to my daughter when she is overwhelmed and needs sensory input. She often turns it on and snuggles with it at bedtime to help her unwind.

vibrating puppy stuffed animal

Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is easy to form into sand castles and other fun shapes, and the “movement” and texture make it a great sensory item to have around. I “borrow” it sometimes myself, just to run my fingers through it while watching TV or reading. It’s fun!


iTunes Gift Card

Many kids with autism have an iPad, and you can’t go wrong with giving them a few more dollars to spend on music or apps. This is an easy gift for out-of-town relatives to buy, and it’s inexpensive to ship!

Scentsy Buddy

For kids who are really sensitive to smells and need positive input in that area, you can use a Scentsy Buddy as a form of aromatherapy. The pink pig my daughter has is no longer available, but they still have some cute choices. You can choose from a number of Scentsy packs that will best meet your child’s needs.

Scentsy Buddy


Play-Doh is a classic that is perfect for kids with sensory issues. (Warning: It’s not gluten-free, so if your child tends to eat play dough and is on a GFCF diet, you might want to skip this one or make your own.) Kids can use Play-Doh to exercise their creativity, meet sensory needs for squishing and squeezing, work on fine motor skills, and more.


Clothes and shoes

Kids with autism and sensory issues often have very specific requirements for the clothes and shoes they will wear. Contributing to their wardrobe will help their parents because these items are worn and washed so often that they wear out quickly! Be sure to ask exactly what brand, size, color, etc. the child needs.


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  1. These are such great ideas…practical, fun, and something to fit every budget. Some of these will fill gaps in my Christmas list. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday link up.

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